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Tein Technology expands PolBruno Police Department's existing camera network while giving the system some crucial upgrades.
Turning outdated systems into a tablet-based future-proof environment.
Tein Technology has been selected as the go-to partner for the upgrade of two dispatch rooms.
The Roads and Traffic Agency (Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer) is fully committed to keeping roads safe in the wintertime.
The former dispatch environments of the Flemish Tunnel Centre (VTC) and the Flemish Traffic Centre (VVC) were merged one and a half years ago. Today, everything is controlled by the Traffic Centre.
In cooperation with the Flemish government, Tein Technology has launched a unique project to improve safety in the region’s tunnel network. The primary testing ground for this innovative AI approach to tunnel safety is one of the country’s most used tunnels: the Kennedy tunnel in Antwerp.
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With the full renovation of the Leopold II Tunnel in Brussels in sight, Tein Technology is pleased to announce that three new communication systems of the tunnel will be executed by our teams, overseen by Engie Fabricom, which was awarded the overall project.
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The Shipping Assistance Division in Ostend ensures the safe passage of all vessels on the maritime access routes to and from the Flemish seaports, providing the necessary vessel traffic services.
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The latest stage in the longstanding partnership between the Brussels North Police Department and Tein Technology – which started in 2011 – has been the complete renewal of the current video management system
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The recently opened Knokke-Heist beach pavilion is truly one-of-a-kind. This striking piece of architecture, home to the municipality’s lifeguard team, is a genuine landmark on the Belgian coast.