Communication Systems

One integrated interface for all your voice technology

One integrated voice platform to ensure

A smooth flow of communication

Control rooms often combine countless communication tools: telephones, radios, intercom, push-to-talk, and many other voice information systems.

Tein Technology merges all your voice systems into one integrated, unified platform.

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Experience the impact of

Over a century of experience in voice technology

Our extensive expertise in voice technology offers you the best solutions, tailored to your needs, with all-round cutting-edge technology.

Want to integrate solutions within the voice silo itself, to put every source of voice communication on the same interface? Or looking to boost efficiency by connecting your voice platform with other control room elements? We’re on it.

Say hello to operational excellence

Full control of voice communication

Allow your operators to control everything through one user-centric touchscreen, easily managing every piece of voice technology on site.

Effortlessly switch between voice components within the same application, streamlining your communication flows simply, effectively and flawlessly.

Reap the benefits

The right information at the right time

Connect your communication platform to ticketing systems, and provide your operators with the information they need even before they take a call. Or link your communication platform with video and automation technology within one single application.

Experience next-level user friendliness in communication systems, and increase efficiency, safety and operational excellence.

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