Smart Automation

Increasing safety and boosting user-friendliness through automation

Helping you take

Full control of your infrastructure

Managing large infrastructure can be done safely, efficiently and effectively. Through smart automation, your operators ensure smooth operations in any circumstances.

Develop automated processes for a wide range of mission-critical operations, and take control of any part of your infrastructure in your control room with one integrated application.

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How a single touchscreen can

Open a world of possibilities

Let’s take a closer look at what automation can do for complex tunnel infrastructure. The operator in the control room can manage the entire network with one tap on their touchscreen.

Closing entry to a tunnel, reducing the speed limit, blocking off sections for maintenance, etc. To top it all off, they can access every available video feed from one single application.

The right call, at the right time

Integrating automation with other technology

Tein Technology has years of experience merging automation applications with additional technology such as camera management systems, SCADA and communication platforms.

Automation makes operators’ work easier and more efficient, allowing them to make the right call at the right time.

Creating the technological mix to

Boost safety and efficiency

Connecting automation with additional technology makes for greater infrastructure safety and efficiency.

Tein Technology combines top-of-the-line technology with in-house software to ensure continuous uptime across your systems – and smooth operations at any time.

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Smart automation for your infrastructure or control room?

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