Slippery roads on the flemish road network? Not if we can help it!

Here’s how we digitized the security and management system for winter road maintenance applications

The Roads and Traffic Agency (Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer) is fully committed to keeping roads safe in the wintertime. Its teams work with a network of contractors and partners, who sprinkle salt on the roads to prevent slippery surfaces.

Streamlining and digitizing the entire process

To manage this process, the agency has a system in place to determine the slipperiness of the road network across a series of measuring points. When a measuring point indicates potential frost risk, teams are sent out to collect salt or brine in storage compounds along the highways.

At this moment there is no central management and control system in place to streamline the process. That is about to change: Tein Technology has been chosen to digitize the entire process, so as to enhance the agency’s way of working.

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The scope of the assignment

Our contract with the Roads and Traffic Agency fulfils two key purposes:

  1. To connect the data from the different measuring points through a user-friendly management engine.
  2. To develop a centrally controlled security and management system for the salt and brine compounds.

The work ahead

Currently, every request to collect salt or brine has to be manually validated by an employee, and access to the compounds can only be granted by onsite staff. Designing a comprehensive system will allow for the entire process to be digitized.

The system that Tein Technology is building will automate the entire process, from registration with an ID badge to directing contractors to the right compound, analysing the salt or brine supply distributed and that remaining, etc. Once the project is complete, everything will be remotely managed.

User-friendly, mobile-friendly

At present, few compounds are technically equipped to be connected to a central system. The onsite technology will also be modernized.

The entire concept – which will be tested by the end of September – will be integrated in an attractive user interface, operated by teams in the main traffic centre or in the different districts. Better yet, it will even be mobile-friendly.

From concept to maintenance

During the four-year contract, Tein Technology will design, programme, implement and maintain the new central security and management system, which will be linked to several other systems on site, such as camera, intercom and access systems.

Increased efficiency through unified control room environments?

Let’s see what we can do for you: