Expanding and optimizing the FTC (VTC) communication platform

Boosting safety through technology

The former dispatch environments of the Flemish Tunnel Centre (VTC) and the Flemish Traffic Centre (VVC) were merged one and a half years ago. Today, everything is controlled by the Traffic Centre.

One of the centre’s key missions is to secure and monitor the tunnel network in Flanders out of an operating room in Antwerp. For the next eight years, Tein Technology will assist the centre in creating an efficient and unified speech and communication platform.

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Facilitating efficient communication

The operators in the control centre communicate with a wide range of partners: co-workers, emergency services, contractors solving technical issues on the road…

crucial part of their communication consists in answering calls from the emergency phones in the tunnels and broadcasting radio within the tunnel network, interrupting radio broadcast for emergency announcements.

Auto-adapting interface

At present, multiple speech and communication systems are in place, resulting in a diffuse system which makes efficient communication difficult.

Tein Technology will now develop an innovative solution: a single touchscreen-based console that automatically adapts to the task at hand for the operator – from making calls to dialling pre-saved phone numbers, making emergency announcements and more.


To this end, Tein Technology is customizing an existing telephone platform already in use in dispatch environments, but currently focussed on radio communication.

Together with the manufacturer, we will develop a tailored user interface and connect it to all the relevant technology in place.

Project timeline

The entire platform will be operational by the end of 2021. By the end of 2020, the standard functionalities will be in place, after which we will integrate the technical connections with other systems.


Our teams will ensure the maintenance of this brand-new system for the next eight years.

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