Integrated Video Solutions

Experience the power of integrated video for your control room

User-focused video management solutions

A control room ecosystem for airtight security

Maximize the efficiency of your security operations through high-end video technology, flawlessly integrated in your control room ecosystem. Allow your operators to easily control and use your video applications and increase security and surveillance on site.

Our experts deliver and streamline every bit of technology, from in-field hardware to dynamic visualization and custom-built analysis software for your central control room, into one user-focused video management system.

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Video management made

Easy and extremely effective

Achieve extraordinary results with the right technology. Ensure swift and accurate responses to critical situations, increase security on site, and deliver outstanding user experience for your operators at the same time. Tein Technology creates video management ecosystems that deliver the imagery you need, when and where you need it.

Technology that meets your needs

Custom-built, off-the-shelf or third-party integrated

Integrate video management into your control room applications the way that works best for you. Tein Technology can create an entire video ecosystem from scratch, or integrate what’s already there to enhance your processes. Achieve operational excellence by using your current technology, within your available budget.

Ground-breaking video management

Integrated into your control room ecosystem

Tein Technology creates integrated video solutions with outstanding performance, for maximum control of your mission-critical operations. But why stop there? Our experts also achieve flawless collaboration between your different control room applications.

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Integrated video solutions for your business?

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