Dealing room tech upgrade for large player in the banking industry

Turning outdated systems into a tablet-based future-proof environment

What’s the scope?

Tein Technology renewed the technological backbone of a large financial player’s dealing room.

By using state-of-the-art technological communication solutions, we turned an outdated system into a tablet-based, user-friendly environment with a crisp look and feel.

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Future-proofing dealing room technology

Driving efficiency in the banking industry

Tein Technology’s interaction with this large player in the banking industry – that has developed into a trusted partnership over 10 years – kicked off with a dealer room upgrade.

We built the base version over a decade ago, and with the first rollup five years later, we were recently on schedule for installing a future-proof upgrade again.

Our experts relied on the Atos Unify Open Scape Expert solution to create a limited trading room with four, fully-functional desks that provided the flexibility for traders to work from home as well.

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User-friendly and flexible set-up

The result is a user-friendly platform, through which traders can harness all the possibilities afforded by voice technology.

Through a touchscreen-based workplace, they can swiftly accept calls, put them on hold, set up conference calls or read out specific channels. At the same time, we provided the company with broker lines, designed to remain open at all times.

Tablet-based, intuitive platform

Tablet-based, intuitive platform

From bulky and technically obsolete consoles, the dealing room transformed into a tablet-based environment with a crisp look and feel. And here’s the clincher: apart from hardware installation, the entire roll-out was done remotely due to the coronavirus.

Because coming up with creative solutions without jeopardizing the high-quality outcome, is what Tein Technology takes great pride in and why we exist.

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