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So you can deliver results

In a digital world, packed with technology, you have access to an abundance of information. Your critical operations are continuously monitored through audio, video and automated processes. Tein Technology synthesizes such information, allowing you to boost efficiency and increase user-centricity of your technology.

It’s our mission to combine existing solutions with ground-breaking technology, creating optimum value for your control room operations. By merging technology into one efficient, user-friendly platform, you’re able to achieve operational excellence.

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+100 years of experience

Technological perfection, without exceptions

Tein Technology combines over a century worth of experience with extensive technological expertise. We invest in the best technology in the market, so as to deliver technological architecture that allows you to reap full benefits of your mission-critical environment –  in the most challenging circumstances, at any given time.

Mission-critical operations require experienced

Architects of integrated technology platforms

We design technological solutions that not only deliver right and accurate information, but does so at the intended time.

Through an operational excellence approach, we develop platforms to the highest standards — integrating video, audio, automation and business applications into a unified environment.

We combine solutions to exceed your operational expectations, boosting efficiency, flexibility, user-experience and quality of output.

Committed to your success, with

A team to back our promise to you

At Tein Technology, we leverage on high-end technology as well as the extensive knowhow and expertise from our tech specialists.

From solid software to robust networks, from 24/7 assistance to flawless project management, our team goes above and beyond to guarantee the best service, the finest results and dedicated support that ensures peace-of-mind.

teintechnology video management photo
teintechnology video management photo

Assessing our impact through

Numbers that matter

  • 1,108 kilometers of highway monitored through Tein Technology solutions in Flanders and Brussels.
  • Delivered technology for the management and operation of all Flemish tunnels.
  • Delivered technology for the monitoring of all tunnels in Brussels.
  • Safer waterway traffic through Tein Technology: over 44 million AIS MESSAGES per day managed by our systems.
  • Founded in 1913
  • +650 projects delivered, to the satisfaction of our clients.
  • Awarded 265 technical certificates and 32 quality certificates

Let our experts deliver technology, so you can deliver results.

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