Knokke-Heist beach pavilion & Tein Technology

When mesmerizing architecture meets state-of-the-art camera surveillance

The recently opened Knokke-Heist beach pavilion is truly one-of-a-kind. This striking piece of architecture, home to the municipality’s lifeguard team, is a genuine landmark on the Belgian coast.

The eye-catching colourful structure, located right on the beach with beautiful views of the city’s coastline, needed to be integrated into the local police force’s camera surveillance network to prevent potential vandalism and monitor its surroundings for security reasons.

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Intelligent camera surveillance

As Tein Technology is the Knokke police department’s go-to partner for camera surveillance solutions, we were asked to develop and install the necessary camera systems and link them to the control room. Here, all footage can be viewed and recorded for policing purposes.

For privacy and legal reasons, the footage cannot be accessed on location but solely in the central control room by authorized police personnel.

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Focus on monitoring the surroundings

To ensure full coverage of the inside and surrounding area of the beach pavilion, Tein Technology advised the installation of:

  • 2 fisheye cameras on the pavilion ceiling, providing the central control room with 360-vision of the interior.
  • 1 dome camera on the outside, installed with mounting brackets that respect the construction’s design. This product contains a movable camera with a powerful, 30X optical zoom.
  • 4 fixed cameras on the outside, right below the dome camera.

The entire project was recently delivered, to the client’s full satisfaction. Tein Technology will provide the necessary technical assistance and maintenance in the years to come.

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