Upgrade and extension of camera surveillance system Brussels North Police Department

Putting Tein Technology’s expertise to work in our own back yard

The latest stage in the longstanding partnership between the Brussels North Police Department and Tein Technology – which started in 2011 – has been the complete renewal of the current video management system, together with the addition of several new camera locations and the connection of the current video surveillance system with the interior cameras in the police department buildings.

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Maximal cooperation with other departments

After the Brussels Capital Region offered all the municipalities the possibility to opt-in on one general system, the Brussels North Police Department chose to continue with its own infrastructure. However, to guarantee optimal cooperation, the system required certain technical and digital adaptations.

Since Tein Technology has installed the entire camera surveillance network on the territory, our teams know the ins and outs of the system like the back of their hand.

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In partnership with Cegelec Infra

The Tein Technology experts ensured that the video feed of the entire network can easily be exchanged with other police departments in the Brussels region. The infrastructure was upgraded and renewed, together with Cegelec Infra Technics that took all infrastructural works in hand. Tein Technology realized the entire configuration and installation of the management system itself.

In total, the camera management system now combines the feeds of over 150 exterior cameras and the same number of interior cameras. The visualisation of these interior cameras is strictly regulated with an advanced access rights system, for privacy reasons.

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Reuse, renew and upgrade

In the upgrade process, the Tein Technology teams thoroughly analysed which system components could be reused, and which needed renewal. Certain components were in need of upgrades and capacity expansion. Finally, the entire old system was migrated onto the new video management system.

The final training and coaching sessions are currently underway to ensure that all relevant members of the police department posses the know-how and skills to fully master the new and improved system. Tein Technology will remain responsible for the full follow-up, from maintenance to repairs and expansion where needed.

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