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Tein Technology renews maintenance contract for Brussels capital region’s MANBRU

Tein Technology renews maintenance contract for Brussels capital region’s MANBRU For the coming 4 years, Tein Technology will remain the go-to maintenance partner for the Brussels Capital Region government’s MANBRU ethernet technical network. This network transmits all technical data required for effective mobility management by the MOBIRIS centre. This data includes: All data of the […]

Working at Tein Technology, no two projects are the same

Quick summary No time to read the full article? Here are the key takeaways: Tein Technology works on a project basis. We select the best technology for each project. You’ll have to get op top and stay on top of innovations, non-stop, no matter which department you’re in. Looking for a job that challenges you every […]

Working at Tein Technology? You’ll need to bring your best game.

Quick summary No time to read the full article? Here are the key takeaways: Tein Technology works with high-end and top-of-the-line technology Our people are eager to learn the ins and outs of every innovation, and we’re here to support them. Through challenging training courses and in-depth learning programmes, you get the chance to grow and […]

Data protection = Second nature to us

How Tein Technology sets the bar in data protection The 28th of January, it’s Data Protection Day. This day raises awareness around responsible data processing, and your rights as an individual surrounding the data collected on you by companies, governments and organizations. The EU does its part to protect your digital privacy, by enforcing its GDPR laws. […]

New and improved help desk @ Tein Technology!

Here’s how we can help (even better in the future) Needless to say, when our clients are confronted with problems, they want them solved yesterday. To meet clients’ highest expectations, we’re constantly improving our way of working. In recent years, we have invested heavily in fine-tuning our help desk to support our clients 24/7, around […]

Brussels North police department upgrades surveillance system

Tein Technology successfully completes the upgrade and extension of the PolBruno surveillance system The Tein Technology teams have successfully and comprehensively upgraded the video management system of the Brussels North Police Department. This infrastructure guarantees a smooth exchange of information and imagery when needed. Installing a camera network alongside the VMS upgrade In the past, […]

Start of a new project within the diamonis contract with Rijkswaterstaat

Start of a new project within the DIAMONIS contract with Rijkswaterstaat In collaboration with our partner SAAB, Tein Technology has been working for Rijkswaterstaat on DIAMONIS (Dutch Inland AIS Monitoring Infrastructure) for some time. The DIAMONIS system of Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands is an AIS system to automatically identify ships, both inland and on the […]

Smart four arms tunnel in Brussels

Tein technology delivered lots of technologies: network, CCTV, Automated Incident Detection, the voice emergency solution and last but not least, the integration of all these technologies in the central management platform that resides at the Flemish tunnel centre (XamControl). This video shows the latest installation of the Four Arms tunnel that was integrated inside the […]

S-LIM: turning Limburg into a smart datahub – the first of its kind

Tein Technology wins tender to implement control room solutions The Limburg province government has high ambitions: with the S-LIM programme, they plan on turning Limburg into a comprehensive smart datahub, making the province the first Smart Region in Belgium. Having won a tender for a key segment of this project, Tein Technology is proud to […]