New and improved help desk @ Tein Technology!

Here’s how we can help (even better in the future)

Needless to say, when our clients are confronted with problems, they want them solved yesterday. To meet clients’ highest expectations, we’re constantly improving our way of working. In recent years, we have invested heavily in fine-tuning our help desk to support our clients 24/7, around the clock.

Swift problem solving, 24/7 – but how?

We have integrated different helpdesk applications in the system, which are visualised on three new video screens in our help desk centre. That’s yet another step towards greater automation, digitization and customer-centricity.

The new and improved system allows our help desk specialists to more efficiently identify the root cause of the problem facing each client.

helpdesk photo

Sounds good, but does it impact remedy times?

Absolutely! With this system, we can quickly pinpoint the origin of the problem, analyse its impact and remedy it even faster than before. Now more than ever, we can resolve issues remotely, for shorter processing times.

Helping clients see the future (we’re serious!)

But why wait until a technological error causes a real problem for our clients? The new system allows us to perform even more thorough monitoring and use that data to produce trend analyses and accurate reporting. This allows us to track and identify possible problems before they even appear.

tein helpdesk


Statistics to better meet your tech needs

The real benefit for our clients, however, is more than the quick win of a rapid response to their immediate problems. By using the statistics afforded by the system data, we can even better fine-tune our way of working and advise our clients when it comes to the right technology for their needs.

Security first, as always

Needless to say, this new help desk infrastructure is compliant with our ISO 27001 accreditation for data security. Our infrastructure remains tightly secured and guarantees our clients cybersafe assistance.

The new system allows us to work more proactively and respond more accurately from the moment that a help desk ticket is opened. Give it a try yourself: let’s talk about your project today!