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Data protection = Second nature to us

How Tein Technology sets the bar in data protection

The 28th of January, it’s Data Protection Day. This day raises awareness around responsible data processing, and your rights as an individual surrounding the data collected on you by companies, governments and organizations.

The EU does its part to protect your digital privacy, by enforcing its GDPR laws. And Tein Technology follows suit, with data protection as vital part of our ISO 270001 certification.

But what does that mean exactly? And how do we at Tein Technology ensure that the data we process and collect, is correctly stored and protected?


Information security as a top priority

For many of our clients, we develop, implement, and manage top-of-the-line video management and audio systems both on private sites (for companies and organizations) and in the public sphere (police surveillance systems, mobile traffic cameras…).

To streamline data security at all possible echelons in which data is handled and implement the strictest level of safety, we consequently fall back on our ISO 27001 certification procedures.

Data protection = second nature to us

ISO 27001: guidelines for information security

To comply with – among other legislation – GDPR, companies need to be organized in order to respect all legislative requirements. ISO 27001 certification guarantees that and allows us to create an airtight framework in which all data is secured to the full.

Data security is a way of life for our experts, and is a natural reflex in any situation. Beside that approach, we have implemented several measures to guarantee maximum data security:

  • Dedicated external Data Protection Officer since 2018
  • Comprehensive cybersecurity protocols
  • PEN tests to challenge IT network’s resilience to outside attachs
  • Cybersecurity insurance
  • Monthly audits of servers, protocols and compliance
  • ISO certification
  • Continuous updates and training for Tein experts
  • Information security as a state-of-mind

Want to learn how we protect your data in our video management, audio, visualization or automation project? Let’s talk!