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Working at Tein Technology, no two projects are the same

Quick summary

No time to read the full article? Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Tein Technology works on a project basis.
  2. We select the best technology for each project.
  3. You’ll have to get op top and stay on top of innovations, non-stop, no matter which department you’re in.

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Focused on projects, not products

Here’s the thing: Tein Technology prides itself on being a highly technological company offering ground-breaking solutions. We’re not solely focused on products and procedures: we work on a project basis.

We design the technological framework for each specific project from scratch, and developing built-to-suit solutions means adapting the tech and skills required to make them a success.


Surfing the waves of technological innovation

New technologies are brought to market every day. Depending on the demands and expectations of a client, we select the best ones for the job and build the right technological solution.

That means our talent evolves at the same speed – and that goes for all our talent, since each and every business department is affected by this unique way of working.


Continuous transformation, no matter the department

So, let’s take a quick look at how this way of working impacts each and every department at Tein Technology.

  • Sales, presales and business development

The team monitoring market innovations around the clock, and determining whether these innovations are a good fit for clients’ current or future needs.

  • Innovation and development department

The name says it all! They’re the people writing the plugins that allow us to integrate cutting-edge technology into our existing applications.

  • Operations team

Once we have won a project, our operations team implements the newest solutions after having completed robust training to learn the ropes.


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