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S-LIM: turning Limburg into a smart datahub – the first of its kind

Tein Technology wins tender to implement control room solutions

The Limburg province government has high ambitions: with the S-LIM programme, they plan on turning Limburg into a comprehensive smart datahub, making the province the first Smart Region in Belgium. Having won a tender for a key segment of this project, Tein Technology is proud to be a part of this ambitious enterprise.

Control room solutions: Tein Technology’s latest expertise

For the next ten years, Tein Technology will be in charge of developing and implementing tailored control room solutions for local governments and police districts in Limburg. This includes a wide range of services, from installing control room video screens, to introducing videowall solutions, controllers, etc. The entire videowall segment of a control room and the underlying technological backbone will be delivered by our experts.

A new market fit for our expertise

Since fifteen years, Tein Technology is a well known technology partner for mission critical control rooms in the public sector. Adding video wall and KVM solutions to the portfolio, Tein Technology broadens the technical expertise they deliver to existing and potential customers for the years to come. .

We have built up considerable experience in mission-critical environments, with many assignments completed in control rooms, for instance at the Flemish Traffic and Tunnel Centre and the Traffic control center in Brussels and recently, the operational headquarters for the Antwerp police force.

Tailored solutions with a wide range of possibilities

By integrating all our expertise  , we offer our clients a one-stop-shop  comprehensive control room solution. The main driver in all these projects is a powerful and integrated environment for the operator in order to manage and control efficiently mission critical infrastructures.  Every system will be tailored to the specific needs of the client, may it be the footprint of tunnels, buildings or complete city environments, we bring different technologies (with specific focus on unified communication and smart video) together and deliver the needed software integrations for the operators.