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Start of a new project within the diamonis contract with Rijkswaterstaat

Start of a new project within the DIAMONIS contract with Rijkswaterstaat

In collaboration with our partner SAAB, Tein Technology has been working for Rijkswaterstaat on DIAMONIS (Dutch Inland AIS Monitoring Infrastructure) for some time.

The DIAMONIS system of Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands is an AIS system to automatically identify ships, both inland and on the North Sea. These vessels send their signals through a transponder with VHF link, which is received by base stations across the country.

Project Migratie AIS Noordzee (MAN)

Rijkswaterstaat has started a project in which it will take over the AIS locations of the Dutch Kustwacht. This means that these locations are also added to the DIAMONIS contract and come under the management of SAAB Tein VOF (STV), with respect to the maintenance and support.

The part of the project carried out by STV within the DIAMONIS contract comprises the following parts:

Migration of 9 On-shore locations: replacement of reception and sending installation and connection to the AIS System DIAMONIS;
Developing a functionality with which the Kustwacht can send and receive messages remotely via the DIAMONIS System;
Advising and supporting the restructuring of governance and maintenance in the new situation with Rijkswaterstaat and the Kustwacht;
Migration of 16 Off-shore locations in the North Sea: replacement of reception and transmission installation and linking to AIS System DIAMONIS.
Tein Technology is proud of the confidence that has been awarded by Rijkswaterstaat for coordinating and implementing these activities in this major project !