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When it comes to visualising the right information at the right time, your operators deserve the best visualisation software to control their entire technological architecture.  

Tein Technology’s Experience Room is equipped with Barco’s OpSpace, the leading, user-centric software that allows you to manage multiple data sources with just one keyboard and mouse.

How visualisation software adds value to your future control room

When researching for the right software for our Experience Room, we wanted a combination of ultimate user-comfort with a high-end performance. 

Very quickly it was obvious that Barco’s software was the logical choice. This software can be used in two different ways:

  • In free-form, where any source can be put on any part of the screen.
  • In workplace-form, where one screen is defined as a workplace, while on another screen the operator’s preferred sources are displayed.

In the Tein Experience room up to 16 different sources can be bundled onto one screen.

When a source is selected it will maximize onto the workplace screen with the operator having immediate control (keyboard / mouse) of the source.

Why did we choose OpSpace visualisation software for our Experience Room?

As we said, user-comfort and high-performance are key. In our Experience Room, you can see for yourself how the right visualisation software can boost your operators’ productivity.

Our chosen software is based on Ethernet technology and makes use of standard network switches. These extra elements facilitate future additions of sources and create a flexible environment with high scalability.  

Fully virtual set-up with maximum flexibility

On top of that, the remote desktop protocol (RDP) is no longer a 1-to-1 connection. Every RDP session connects to the OpSpace software, which duplicates the session and can be securely accessed by anyone.

Big plus: by enabling Barco’s RDP the session isn’t merely duplicated, but improved at the same time, resulting in better session quality and the possibility to fluently visualise video.

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