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Talent driven by technology, innovation driven by talent

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Working at Tein Technology

Tein Technology is a leading Belgian company that delivers cutting-edge innovation by integrating mission-critical technology.

We work for a wide range of companies, launch challenging projects and only settle for the best results.

Our experts are second to none when it comes to unified communication platforms. They create technological systems that enable businesses to prosper.

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Innovation integrators

TeinTalents develop integrated technological solutions for high-demanding control room operations. Our clients deserve the best mission-critical environment for their business.

We deliver on that promise through close collaboration, continuous upskilling, and the adaptation of every crucial industry innovation. Working at Tein Technology is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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To become an impactful Tein Talent, you’ll need to have the capabilities of bringing a project to a fruitful end and overcoming any obstacles that may come your way. – Toon, Project Engineer

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Time to join

A hub of high-achievers

Tein Technology is a high-achieving organization. We bring out the best in our dedicated experts. Each one of us is driven by the need to innovate.

TeinTalents transform mission-critical environments into user-focused operations. Our objective: to boost clients’ operational success.

If you want to dream big, know that

Size doesn’t matter. Impact does.

We’re not the largest player in the industry. We choose impact over bureaucratic procedures. We prefer an agile, human-focused way of working over endless protocols any day.

Enjoy the family atmosphere of an SME while taking on impressive projects. Leave your mark on our country’s infrastructure and businesses’ operational safety. Flourish, grow and learn in a stable work environment with high job security.

Ownership happens

Where autonomy meets teamwork

At the same time, autonomy and responsibility are critical traits of every TeinTalent. We place a lot of confidence in our people.

You’ll get to shape your work environment through flexible hours and hybrid working, for a healthy work-life balance.

What makes Tein Technology a fine place to work? Find out what our TeinTalents have to say about it!

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The best of both worlds

Challenging work, opportunities to grow

Every TeinTalent is continuously challenged in their job. You’ll work with the best technology and be the first to adapt to industry-changing innovations. Time to claim your place at the forefront of technological evolution.

Join us, grow your skills through training and upskilling, and benefit from in-house mobility and career opportunities.

Tein Talents are

A special kind of innovators

TeinTalents are enthusiastic, hands-on, and reliable people, committed to proactively improving themselves and our operations. They feel great in a reliable, small-scaled organization with high ambitions.

Join a team of customer-oriented, friendly people who always keep their eye on the ball, working hard to achieve the best results.

Meet the Innovators: listen to what our TeinTalent has to say!

At Tein Technology, we’re

Fully committed to our people

Our people can rely on an employer that is human-oriented and focused on achieving true impact – and knows a thing or two about fun, too!

We always aim to strike the right balance between proper compensation, challenging work responsibilities, a positive team spirit, and an optimal work-life balance.

Oh, about that team spirit? Check out the fun, social side of Tein Technology!

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