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Do you consider working with us? Then you probably checked out our wonderful job opportunities. After going through all the info, you’re about to apply. Good! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Just to give you an idea of what to expect, we did a quick Q&A with some of your future co-workers. Get up-to-speed on what it’s like to work at our company. And get a sneak preview of what to expect from your future dream job. Here we go!

I’m continuously challenged by the projects I get to work on. Trust me, there’s loads of variation on the job! But what’s crucial to me, is the fact that I leave my footprint on projects.

I genuinely have an impact on the project and the final outcome. That’s priceless!

Toon – Project Engineer

That has to be the tunnel management system for the Flemish Tunnel Centre (VTC). With Tein Technology, we supervised and managed all the technical installations in the Flemish tunnel network.

That project brought together all our expertise, from software development and video management to integrated communications through single-platform audio systems. Integrating all these technologies demanded our ‘A’ game.

Joeri – Presales Manager

Identifying solutions that can improve and perfect our daily operations is quite a challenge. On a personal level, there’s plenty of opportunities to develop your craft. If you’re hungry for knowledge and skills, working with us really is your best bet.

For example, I had the opportunity to pursue an MBA and multiple trainings on project management and programme management. If it improves your job performance, you can propose any activity and discuss it with HR.

Yoeri – Operations Manager

I love the combination of strategic, forward-thinking exercises and the practical involvement in our large, critical projects.

Joeri – Presales Manager

Hmm…that’s a tough one for me since I’m totally committed! However, I do force myself to keep my laptop shut down during weekends, and my smartphone goes on off-mode whenever I’m on holiday.

Toon – Project Engineer

You’d need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and be a team player to collaborate with your co-workers efficiently.

There’s quite a bit of responsibility on your shoulders, so you’d need to rise to the occasion and deliver.

A tremendous analytical mind helps you see solutions to any problem. And a sufficient dose of common sense is equally important!

Yoeri – Operations Manager

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