5 reasons why

Big dreamers prefer a small-scaled employer

Working for a big corporation vs.

Working at Tein Technology

If you’ve spent some time working at a big corporation, you’ll soon realize that working for a small business has loads of advantages.

Looking for job satisfaction, impact, and a close-knit team environment? Then you might want to reconsider that Big Business dream – and join a small-sized business that stands out when making its mark.

Here are 5 reasons why…

Reason 1

No more frustrating bureaucratic procedures

Large organizations require lengthy procedures to get anything done. At Tein Technology, you’ll get to work in a compact environment where flexibility, swift decision-making, and versatility are standard.

Do you need a new piece of technology that might serve our client’s needs better? Touch base with the team, place the order, and start figuring out how to operate it the next day! Life can be that simple.


Reason 2

Feel the impact of your job

Large companies give you lots of work, but you’re just a tiny cog in a big machine. Tein Talents have complete ownership of their projects and work. They get to make a direct impact and see their projects grow from start to finish.

They’re not just a small piece of the puzzle but the essential piece that perfects the bigger picture. Each and every Tein Talent is valued, and they get to feel it every day.

Reason 3

Bye repetitive projects, hello project-driven tech innovation

When working for large companies, you often specialize in a single technical area of expertise that you keep executing project after project. Ugh! Luckily, that’s not the case at Tein Technology.

Our project-driven approach lets you perfect your skillset in diverse, ground-breaking technologies—from integrated video management to automation and communications systems.

Every project is different and requires a new set of skills.

Reason 4

People-oriented flexibility beats rigid structures

A huge workforce requires standardized and rigid structures for effective management. Unfortunately, they’re often impersonal and leave little room for employees to share ideas they might have.

At Tein Technology, we work based on trust— no time clocks here! You have the flexibility to customize your typical work-day schedule. And if you have good ideas that pass the peer review test, you’re on the fast track to implement them!

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Reason 5

Let’s face it: our team activities are better

We don’t need to bring together hundreds of people during big events that they don’t really want to be a part of.

At Tein Technology, it’s cozy, fun, relaxed, and informal. Our team activities are laid-back and focused on our people.

We invest heavily to get the most out of our teams and try to give back as much as we can. Want to know more? Find out here!

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