Want to grow your skills?

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If you want to grow

We’ve got your back

We know you want to grow your skills, master new technologies, and up your game in every way. And hey, we’d be lying if we said we expected any less from you – as you know, we’re a project-driven organization.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered: we’ll provide a challenging framework to enable you to grow, through continuous training and educational programmes.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect!

All for one, one for all

In-house training

Tapping into the company’s collective intelligence is the fastest and best way to learn anything. Your future co-workers have mastered countless technologies and procedures. They’re more than happy to share their knowledge.

Internal training courses are our first go-to knowledge source. We stimulate cooperation and collective know-how sharing as an individual and company growth strategy.

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Certificates that matter

External training

Our people frequently follow external project-related training programmes with official certifications, making them fully accredited to apply a certain technology on the job.

At the presales stage, it’s not uncommon for clients to enquire about the certificates that Tein Technology holds – and we make sure we’re top of the game on that front.

Mastering technology at the source

Product training

Some manufacturers require users to complete product-related training in order to exploit their technology.

These training courses allow you to truly master a specific service, software program or technology, giving you unique insights into the product and project.

equally crucial (and challenging)

Technical training and soft skills

Hard knowledge or soft skills? They’re both vital to delivering a great service that meets clients’ expectations and requirements.

  • Technical training

Learn the ins and outs of video platforms like Genetec, unified communications solutions like Prescom, or tunnel management systems like Evon. Or deep dive into the world of camera technology and networks!

  • Soft-skill training options

Whether it’s customer-centric management, working at height, ISO trainings or people management learning programmes, a wide range of soft-skill training courses are available to you at Tein Technology.

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