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Every project is unique; we don’t simply ‘copy-paste’ our solutions. Creating tailored technological solutions is a challenge of its own—but it’s what we do best.

We’re entitled to 16 hours of remote work each week. On top of that, we have flexible hours which allow us to avoid traffic jams on our way to work. That saves me quite a bit of time!

At Tein Technology, you have the autonomy to be in charge of your job and take challenges head-on. That’s very satisfactory and challenging at the same time.

Most of our projects are pretty visible to friends and family. They directly advance the safety of the infrastructure we use every day. The cities, highways, and tunnels. My job has a significant impact on their security and that of the users. That, for me, is very fulfilling.

I’m continuously challenged by the projects I work on. Trust me, there’s loads of variation on the job! But what’s really crucial to me, is the fact that I make my mark on projects. I truly have an impact on how they develop and what the final outcome is. That’s priceless!

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