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Work hard, play hard! We’re not big on clichés – but hey, at times, they’re spot on! Yes, at Tein Technology, you’ll be expected to put in your best every day. But luckily, there’s plenty of room for craziness and fun as well!

Our secret weapon to boost team morale? That’s Françoise, our HR and Communications Director. Her party planning skills are legendary. If she throws her weight behind one of our many team-building activities, you can be sure it’s going to be one for the history books!

Always in to go

Out with the team

From casino night to a full-blown party with DJ, saxophone player, magicians, and a mocktail/cocktail bar: our New Year’s events are always magical. Every year, we throw an elaborate company barbecue as well.

Apart from that, every team manager gets a budget to spoil their team. From the occasional museum visit with dinner afterwards to more adventurous endeavours like paintballing or VR karting: anything goes!

And if you’re applying for one of our jobs, make sure to buy some bowling shoes. Our annual bowling event is always a strike!

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Every milestone is

A reason for celebration

Christmas or Sinterklaas? Someone’s work anniversary at Tein Technology or the company anniversary to celebrate? We never miss out on an opportunity to get together! From Christmas dinners to Sinterklaas gifts or anniversary presents: you’ll indeed feel appreciated once on board.

Did you know our 100th-anniversary party was hosted in dancing Mirano and even had a show by Ozark Henry, followed by drinks and bites for the entire crew? As we said, we know how to party!

There’s really nothing like some

Family-friendly fun!

Let’s not forget about Tein Technology Family Day! Theme parks are great for some company-family bonding. Did you know we even went to Disneyland to spoil our Talents’ children – and themselves, of course? The Efteling had been on the to-do list as well. We all met up for coffee in the morning before everyone split to explore the theme park. Afterwards, it was dinner and a show for the whole bunch!

There’s really no limit to what’s possible. During our Family Day in Ter Kamerenbos, we combined crazy clowns with a music quiz and even sumo wrestling for everybody! A super fun way to get together.

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Sounds great, right?

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