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Tein Technology gives complete video surveillance system a makeover

Full upgrade for the Lier police department

Tein Technology has been a trusted partner of the Lier police department for years. When the previous tender ended, the city put out a new call for tenders. Once again, Tein Technology won the contract, allowing us to pursue this fruitful partnership for years to come.

Upgrading all hardware and software

The new project was right up our alley, since it involved fully upgrading the city’s old video surveillance system and replacing it with a new one. All the old systems were upgraded and migrated to the new system: we renewed all the hardware and software components – including all servers and workstations, screens, recorders, the firewall and the network equipment.

The police department also asked for the installation of camera surveillance in 23 new locations across the city – an extensive exercise, which we were happy to carry out.

High-end system with immediate effect

Here’s what we delivered: Tein Technology installed three interior cameras in the police headquarters and placed 19 others across the public domain – in the street, but also in a leisure.