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Tein Technology delivers hardware for video surveillance in Balen

Optimizing the video monitoring and security of key sites

Tein Technology recently completed a project in Balen, a beautiful municipality in the Kempen region. When the intermunicipal company IOK put out a call for tenders to expand the town’s video surveillance system, Tein Technology threw its hat in the ring and won the contract.

Fixed cameras on site

As part of the contract, we installed 33 new cameras on four key sites in the municipality: a sports centre, a playground, the local leisure centre and the city hall.

The purpose of this assignment was to optimize the monitoring and security of the different sites. The local police department wanted to gain a better understanding of activity on the ground but had no cameras on site at the time. Tein Technology delivered and installed the camera hardware and connected it onto the central system.

State-of-the-art mobile camera

In addition to the fixed cameras on site, our teams delivered a mobile camera suitable for monitoring events and public activities. This mobile camera system is fitted with a telescopic pole with integrated lighting and cameras, and can communicate directly with the central command through a secure 4G connection.

Ensuring a flawless system for years to come

In the coming years, Tein Technology will handle the maintenance of the camera hardware, allowing the police department to benefit from a flawless video management system all year round.