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New perex centre 4.0 : Tein Technology futureproofs inland waterways management

On Friday 26 April, the Perex Centre inaugurated its new and improved facilities in Daussoulx, becoming a major actor of national infrastructure. Wallon Minister of Mobility and Transport Carlo Di Antonio, the SOFICO and the Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) were in attendance for this landmark occasion.

Smart Inland Waterways management

The SPW turned to Tein Technology to carry out the first installation and technological overhaul of the facilities, and we happily delivered.

Tein Technology has put in place a brand new full integrated system with a video management system, a communication platform, an access control-intrusion detection system and a fire detection system for a lock located in the Namur region (Salzinnes) , allowing the lock operators to easily control it remotely from the Perex Center

A technological leap for greater capabilities

The Perex Centre is well-known in the Wallon institutional landscape for its role in centralizing and providing traffic updates to road users. The initial building, opened in 1999, was in need of an upgrade and expansion. The equipment was also starting to show signs of obsolescence: the Centre’s software programs, data bases, applications, etc., were no longer equipped to meet the infrastructure’s current management and operational needs.

The new building covers 800 m2 and four levels. Inside, we discover the latest equipment for real-time action and communication, thanks in particular to two new control rooms. Next to the ‘road traffic’ control room, a complete new ‘Inland Waterways’ control room was inaugurated! Thanks to these new capabilities, the Perex Centre will now play a key role in the waterway network management.