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As Operations Manager, Yoeri is the go-to guy for the smooth running of all our projects and maintenance contracts within Tein Technology.

If there’s one guy with a clear overview of what’s going on with which project – and how to flatten any bumps along the road – it’s him.

We bumped into each other in the hallways and stopped him to ask some questions on what it’s like to work at Tein Technology.

At Tein Technology, you have the autonomy to be in charge of your job and take challenges head-on.

That’s very satisfactory and challenging at the same time.

For me, I’d have to say that was Digipolis. They were our past client, and we succeeded in getting them back into our portfolio for future projects— a team effort that demanded our very best.

From the get-go, we needed to migrate their system, which required the replacement of a competitor’s software layer with our tailored software. It was a risky migration trajectory in a complex environment. It was a very demanding project, but through hard work, we nailed it, hard!

The compliments afterwards really were the icing on the cake for me.

Identifying solutions that can improve and perfect our daily operations is quite a challenge. On a personal level, there’s plenty of opportunities to develop your craft. If you’re hungry for knowledge and skills, working with us really is your best bet.

For example, I had the opportunity to pursue an MBA and multiple trainings on project management and programme management. If it improves your job performance, you can propose any activity and discuss it with HR.

The fact that no two days are entirely the same. I get loads of energy out of collaborating with clients and suppliers.

I also still work as project manager for some projects – not because it’s required, but because I love the job. To an extent, it feels like a hobby to me.

We’re entitled to 16 hours of remote work each week. On top of that, we have flexible hours which allow us to avoid traffic jams on our way to work. That saves me quite a bit of time!

You’d need to have an entrepreneurial mindset and be a team player to collaborate with your co-workers efficiently.

There’s quite a bit of responsibility on your shoulders, so you’d need to rise to the occasion and deliver. A tremendous analytical mind helps you see solutions to any problem.

And a sufficient dose of common sense is equally important!

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