5 reasons why

You’ll love your job as Software Analyst at Tein Technology

Be smart and

Listen your future co-workers!

Want to become our new Software Analyst? Great! Now, we can go on for hours talking about why working with Tein Technology is the best decision you’ll ever make. But you don’t want to listen to us, right?

Instead, listen to your future co-workers. They made a list of the 5 things they enjoys the most working at our company. If you’re up for it, apply as Software Analyst today!

1: The love for


“Tein Technology is an industry leader in mission-critical solutions and technology.

I get to work with groundbreaking tech every day and am the first to discover new innovations.

How cool is that?”

2: The never ending

Variety in workload

Every day is different. Love analysing proposals and translating them to technical designs, but also enjoy being on the road and meeting clients?

We got you. Never a dull day!

3: The opportunities of


I have the freedom to customize my typical work-day schedule. I start early and finish earlier, but that’s different for everybody.

Want to work 9 to 5? All right! But if your private life requires flexible hours, you can manage that too.

It’s a give-and-take kind of thing.

4: The joy of


Combine working autonomously with project-driven teamwork.

5: The feeling of


There are no time clocks here; we work based on honesty and responsibility.

Management really puts their trust in us, and we, in return, do our best to earn that.

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