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As Project Engineer, Toon takes the lead from the moment a project is sold. First, he picks the client’s brain and identifies all the operational requirements necessary to guarantee smooth project execution.

Then, when all is validated, he supervises the on-site installation and provides tech support to sub-contractors where necessary. That’s quite a mouthful, right?

We managed to get a hold of him between two calls to ask him some questions on what it’s like to work at Tein Technology. Here we go!

I’m continuously challenged by the projects I get to work on. Trust me, there’s loads of variation on the job! But what’s crucial to me, is the fact that I leave my footprint on projects.

I genuinely have an impact on the project and the final outcome. That’s priceless!

The communication platform for the Flemish Tunnel & Control Centre (VTC) comes to mind. We developed one central platform with touchscreens for operating all communications. It was quite the challenge to set up the basic functionality – the communication with the emergency intercoms inside the tunnels – to make provisions for seamless system expansions in the future.

Every piece of technology had to be integrated into the platform in different phases: telephones, the speaker system, opening barriers and radio reception inside vehicles. Most of the technical requirements were still unknown when we were awarded the project and were introduced by the client as we developed the system. We were able to conclude that one successfully, though!

The countless technologies we work with provide me with sufficient challenge.

For example, one day, I’m setting up a video management system for a police department; the other, I’m measuring radio signals on the sea for the coast guard. After that, I’m developing a complex virtual server infrastructure for a bank or configuring the ANPR set-up for a municipality…

As you can see, every day’s a new adventure!

I’d have to repeat my previous answer: there’s never a dull day on the job!

Hmm…that’s a tough one for me since I’m totally committed! However, I do force myself to keep my laptop shut down during weekends, and my smartphone goes on off-mode whenever I’m on holiday.

It’s crucial that you’re able to handle your business: be responsible, make your analytical mind work, be flexible, and capitalize on the training opportunities to master new technological skills or perfect your current ones.

To become an impactful Tein Talent, you’ll need to have the capabilities of bringing a project to a fruitful end and overcoming any obstacles that may come your way.

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