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As Presales Manager, Joeri manages a crew of four technical profiles responsible for developing our solutions’ technological architecture.

Whether it’s video, audio, or automation, Joeri’s team is always moving to tailor the best solution for our clients’ businesses.

We got together near the coffee machine and fired some crucial questions on what it’s like to work at Tein Technology.

For me, it’s the versatility of what we do. Most of our projects are pretty visible to friends and family. They directly advance the safety of the infrastructure we use every day. The cities, highways, and tunnels.

My job has a significant impact on their security and that of the users. That, for me, is very fulfilling.

Question number 1

What’s the biggest upside of working at Tein Technology?

“As a small business, we’re continuously reinventing ourselves as we move ahead. Standing still is not an option. The way our teams look to the future of technology is exciting. We’re always strategizing for tomorrow.”

Question number 2

Which project was the most challenging, in your view?

That has to be the tunnel management system for the Flemish Tunnel Centre (VTC). With Tein Technology, we supervised and managed all the technical installations in the Flemish tunnel network.

That project brought together all our expertise, from software development and video management to integrated communications through single-platform audio systems. Integrating all these technologies demanded our ‘A’ game.

Joeri – Presales Manager

Every project is unique; we don’t simply ‘copy-paste’ our solutions. Creating tailored technological solutions is a challenge of its own—but it’s what we do best.

I believe the most challenging task for the team is the expectation it’ll make the best projections for the future. Determining which technologies we need to master or integrate to perfect our current approach can be daunting.

As a small business, we’re constantly driven by the need to grow. So the crucial question always is: what will we do tomorrow, and how can we capitalize on our years of experience to become the best at it?

Question number 3

How are you challenged on the job, and can you develop your skills?

Question number 4

What do you love most about your job?

I love the combination of strategic, forward-thinking exercises and the practical involvement in our large, critical projects.

Joeri – Presales Manager

I believe our hybrid way of working offers a perfect mix. We can work remotely for 16 hours and work from the office for the remaining days.

For me, that works perfectly!

Question number 5

How do you balance between your work and personal life?

Question number 6

What are the key traits of a Tein Talent?

Tech-savviness is top of the list. Good technical knowledge is crucial. Then, of course, there are ample on-the-job learning opportunities. But the passion needs to be there!

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