Experience Room update: where are we at today?

The Tein Technology Experience Room is set to become the state-of-the-art immersive control room experience for our clients. Through a groundbreaking technology set-up with interactive scripts, they will be able to engage in real-life mission-critical situations, and see firsthand how our solutions impact their operations.

Work is coming along nicely, so it’s time for an update. Where are we at today? And which works still need to be completed before we can open the doors to this unique concept? Let’s have a look.

tein tech exp room

Update Experience Room: current situation

All the wiring and cable trays are in place, and the necessary technological equipment is ordered and on its way. The entire room has been painted and the professional WALDMANN lighting fixtures have already been mounted.

The technical area has been fully prepped, while the CREON Split Desk has been assembled and installed.

TT experience room scaled

Update Experience Room: what’s next?

In the course of the following weeks, the IT racks in the technical area will be equipped with the latest in control-room technology, and a selection of high-end 8k Samsung screens will be added to the mix.

Come July, our experts will be installing two additional CREON Modus desks, and configure the BARCO Opspace workspace software that will be the backbone of the experience.

During the summer months, we’ll finalize our scripts and scenario’s to include the highest level of collaboration and visualization. Only the best will do for our clients!

Curious to see the end result? Reach out to book your session in our Experience Room today!