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The Flemish seaports: tein technology takes on radio infrastructure and voice communications maintenance

You might remember the news article on the Tein Technology project for the Port of Zeebrugge, to renew and upgrade its entire communication system.

Following that assignment, the Flemish Government sought a partner to maintain and manage the radio and voice communications infrastructure of all Flemish seaports, including Zeebrugge,the port of Ghent and the Maritime Rescue and Control Centre in Ostend.

Joining forces with Engie Fabricom to better meet expectations

Tein Technology is pleased to announce that it was selected to integrate all three seaports’ communication infrastructure into a single user-friendly and effective platform.

The tender was won in partnership with Engie Fabricom, offering the Flemish Government a strategic combination of manpower in the field, provided by Engie Fabricom, and Tein Technology’s technical expertise. The scope of the contract includes managing and maintaining the central hardware and offering technical support for the technical infrastructure.

Maximum synergy between the three systems

The radio infrastructure in Ostend, unlike in Zeebrugge and Ghent, serves not the commercial port but the Maritime Rescue and Control Centre. This is where emergency signals from the sea are received and processed. In the other two locations, the radio management system serves the port itself, in addition to guiding vessels into the harbours as well.

For the next seven years, Tein Technology will handle more than just the maintenance and remote technical support of the environment. In order to improve the systems over time, several small changes need to be made and Tein Technology will offer its insights to make that happen optimally. New offshore windmill parks affect radio coverage at sea, for instance, thus necessitating the adaptation of the systems in place.