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Tein Technology wins Salzinnes lock project, making walloon waterways safer

The Salzinnes lock project: making Walloon waterways safer

The SPW (Service Public de Wallonie) is the entity responsible for the Walloon waterways. Struggling with dated video and audio systems, they were on the lookout for a full-service partner to modernize the video and audio management systems of their lock operations in Salzinnes (Namur).

Tein Technology, trusted partner of SPW

We’re proud to say that the SPW chose Tein Technology as the right partner for the job. Tein Technology gladly delivered an extensive proposal, combining technical ingenuity and reliable video and audio equipment, with a strong focus on user-friendliness.

This installation is a pilot project, the first step towards updating all of the audio and video equipment for Wallonia’s locks.

What will Tein Technology be providing?

Tein Technology will deliver and install the complete audio and video management system of the Salzinnes lock, comprised of:

  • CCTV: 15 cameras and Genetec VMS
  • Intrusion detection with an access control system
  • A public address (Commend) and intercom system
  • A fire detection system
  • Radio over IP