tein interreg passant

Tein Technology – Project Partner Interreg PASSANT

Tein Technology participates in the “PASSAnT” project by applying their Maritime Traffic Management technology for port safety.
Ports are important logistical nodes with a large economical value.

The Platform for innovative Security Solutions hArbours & Terminals (PASSAnT) aims to secure these areas from criminals while not obstructing nor limiting the operational activities of these ports.

In cooperation with specialist of the Technical University Eindhoven and Omines Internet Agency, special algorithms for automatic analysis of traffic in and around the port are developed.
These cameras perform analysis of people and vehicles by measuring movement, speed, and by recognizing vehicle license plates.

The cameras ‘learn’ the standard patterns of port workers and destination traffic and will register abnormal behavior. The resulting movement patterns will be integrated by Securitas and Tein Technology in an overarching security system in a control center.

At the end of the experimental phase, the new safety precautions will be integrated in a specific set of measures and instrumentation.
The PASSAnT project is supported by the Dutch Government, the Dutch province of North Brabant, the Belgian province of West Flanders and the European Regional Development Fund Flanders-Netherlands.