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Frame contract for CCTV-networks – IOK

This week, Tein Technology was awarded a 1.1 million frame contract for implementing cameras and videosystems in the region of the Kempen. The tender was led by IOK, the local provider of waste services in the region (www.iok.be). IOK recently decided to start up a unit for frame agreements as an additional service to their customers (cities and municipalities of the region).

After an intensive negotiation procedure, Tein Technology was recognized as being the best placed party for not only implementing the requested CCTV-networks, but we were also seen as the best placed integrator to provide the users intelligent video applications.

During the proof of concept in Turnhout, Tein Technology succeeded in showing beautiful and qualitative images (at night!) with the Hikvision darkfighter cameras in a Milestone VMS. Additionally, we also managed in showcasing to the jury intelligent video applications like facial recognition, track and trace of persons and license plate make and model recognition. This was only possible by using intelligent iNVR hardware from HikVision.

Several municipalities and cities already committed to start up discussions with Tein Technology to implement video systems in their region: cities of Westerlo, Geel, Turnhout and the municipalities of Balen, Dessel, Herselt, Vosselaar and Beerse.

Hopefully, many others will follow!