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Work at Tein Technology

Tired of seemingly never-ending projects in which you’re just a tiny piece of the puzzle? Ready to make the switch towards variation, ownership and tangible impact? Great!

The role of a Software Analyst at Tein Technology is challenging enough to keep you switched on. Forget about traditional software development trajectories.

Instead, you’ll become part of fascinating integration projects with tons of analytical challenges and learning opportunities.

Projects change continuously. You’ll get to work with the finest people in a wide range of teams, depending on the technology needed.

You’ll be the spider in the web, spinning client requirements into precise guidelines.

Software Analyst at Tein Technology

Different from anywhere else

  • Make your mark: be the crucial link between client and programming team;
  • Ownership and impact: build your designs from A to Z, and see them boldly come to life;
  • No two projects are the same: dive into a world of versatile projects, shifting between clients and teams;
  • Small teams, big results: forget about bloated teams and overheads. Work with lean, talented teams on challenging projects;
  • Diverse tech: automation today, CCTV and audio tomorrow? Master exciting technology and diversify your career; and
  • Autonomy: own your decisions and judgement calls, work autonomously while teaming up with highly experienced professionals.

What does it take to become a

Software Analyst

As a Software Analyst, you’ll be easing the load off our teams that integrate existing applications. Think: connecting video systems, audio, ANPR, telecom, and other technology to create an intuitive ecosystem for mission-critical environments.

You’ll get to work on a wide range of projects with multiple technology types.

What does that mean? That you’ll be aligning functional designs with the client after analysing their user requirements based on rulebooks.

You’ll design and draw up the functional architecture of the project and synchronise with client and project managers regarding project scope – for every functionality.

Finally, you’ll translate the designs into guidelines for our programmers.

What does it take to become a

Software Analyst

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