tein mifid

IPC telephone infrastructure for dealing room of a large bank, another successful Tein Technology project

The MIFID II regulations for the financial industry require that all communications which could lead to a financial transaction be logged, including phone calls.

To remain compliant with these regulations, a large Dutch bank decided it was time for a comprehensive upgrade of its current voice management system. This upgrade was part of the entire renewal of all its dealing rooms in Utrecht, New York and London.

Full implementation of a new voice management system

The old system, which was installed by Tein Technology several years ago, needed to be replaced with an IPC system called Open Trade. IPC turned to Tein Technology for the full implementation of this technology, including the telephone infrastructure and voice management system in the bank’s dealing room in Utrecht, together with 125 phones.

The central database in London combines all voice management systems from all three locations into a single virtual system. However, all datacentres of the bank are located in the Netherlands. The Utrecht voice management system has been connected to the central telephone management system in London, from where the infrastructure of all three sites is configured.