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Hydroelectric stations of plate taille & eau d’heure now fully secured by tein technology

The “La Plate Taille” and the “Eau d’Heure” hydroelectric power stations at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure has become a landmark in the region. This high-end power plant provides green energy for households and companies throughout the Walloon area. It’s the second largest Belgian hydroelectric power station and can generate one seventh of a nuclear reactor’s energy capacity (140MW), or the output of over 60 wind turbines. The S.P.W. (Public Service of Wallonia) in charge of the infrastructure decided to install a new innovative and comprehensive security system (CCTV, Access control, intrusion detection).

Tein Technology: implementing innovative security systems

For this specific project, our teams installed a unique platform, integrating CCTV, intrusion detection and access management in a single user-friendly software system. The security management system we implemented allows workers from the control room to monitor and control two different sites (Plate Taille and Eau d’Heure)  connected by  a point to point wireless connection. The new system offers remarkable benefits. Not only is it far more user-friendly, avoiding having to switch between different applications, it also handles the interconnection between cameras and access management, ensuring swift interaction between the two and thus simplifying onsite control.