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Emergency phones in the Brussels tunnel network: Tein Technology puts safety first

Driving through the Brussels tunnel network has become safer, after local government entrusted Tein Technology with the renewal of the underground emergency telephone network. Whenever drivers encounter problems in one of the tunnels, they will be able to easily reach the control centre through one of the many emergency telephones available. Each and every one of these has been thoroughly upgraded, guaranteeing maximum uptime and flawless connection even in case of the worst calamities.

A system designed for maximum safety

A new Voice-over-IP telephone network was installed, and more than 500 telephones were replaced with smart analogue devices. Several functionalities were tailored to the client’s needs and special software was integrated to monitor each telephone’s functionality. This way, every telephone can be checked from the control room to ensure it is up and running.

Every telephone call will be recorded for analysis purposes. Whenever a call comes in, the control room can easily follow up on the situation. The redundant system runs on servers hosted in two locations, guaranteeing constant uptime.