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Experience Room

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An immersive experience….

Experience how ground-breaking our solutions really are, in our Tein Technology Experience Room. Packed with cutting-edge technology, designed to put you in control of any mission-critical operation.

Step into a world of industry-leading equipment, intelligent technological architecture and seamless software integration. And experience first-hand how our solutions impact your operations.

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An Experience Room equipped with

Advanced wall-to-wall control room technology

The Experience Room simulates a state-of-the-art control room with extraordinary possibilities. You’ll have the latest in communication systems, dynamic visualization, camera management and automation at your fingertips.

Fully integrated through tailored, in-house developed software. Driven by a robust and redundant network designed to achieve the best results in any situation.

Let our experts show you

How our technology improves your operations

First, let’s talk about your operations and strategy. What do you want to achieve? We’ll provide the Experience Room setup based on your goals and operational needs. That way, the experience fully lives up to your expectations and gives you a glimpse of the possibilities tailored to your organization’s wishes.

Our experts are there to guide you every step of the way. They ensure you get the most out of your session and get the insights you’re looking for to improve your operations.

Let’s take a closer look at

The technological features and specifications

Get some background stories on the technology in our Experience Room before your visit. Delve deeper and read up on some of the most crucial specs:

Discover how the right technology perfects your control room operations.

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