The technology behind our Experience Room

Razor-sharp video and presentation technology for maximum impact

Unlocking the true potential of

4k imagery on revolutionary screens and video walls

Visualising your imagery on a high-end, ultra-sharp, and razor-thin bezel video wall is a must for any mission-critical control room environment.

In our Experience Room, we’ve set up the best of the best in video wall technology, using Samsung’s most sophisticated screen technology on the market today.

Razor-thin bezel 4k screens:
user comfort and real-time collaboration

The technology in our Experience Room shows you the possibilities innovative, thin-bezel, 4k-screens have to offer.

Evoke the control room of the future in our realistic set-up. Perfectly designed to tackle any challenge, with real-life scenarios developed and deployed by in-house specialists.

The Experience Room set-up provides each of these video walls to give you an idea of the possibilities of the latest in screen technology.

Razor-sharp imagery, 4k visuals, and user-friendly hardware opens a world of visualisation opportunities that will tilt your operations into the next level.

The opportunities of razor-sharp imagery in your control room

Tein Technology’s Experience Room is fitted with 3 types of video walls, designed to meet every challenge you might encounter in the field.

  1. A large overview wall
  2. A personal video wall
  3. A presentation video wall

Overview Wall

Do you need to show process displays, video images, and running information at a central position on a large-scale format? Then a video wall is the ideal system to provide your operators with a global overview of their area of control.

For our Experience Room overview wall, we selected state-of-the-art LCD displays. These types of screens are best equipped to display dynamic information like traffic situations or CCTV imagery.

This type of video wall is often used by traffic centres to visualise the railway grid, traffic grids, or video footage zooming into the smallest detail. Through the large 4k overview video wall, the operators can simultaneously track the information on the screen.

Personal Video Wall

Each operator has a personal video wall at their disposal, to visualise any desired data set.

The available video sources are projected onto the personal high-definition screens, as often required by control rooms in traffic centres or in surveillance centres.

Presentation Video Wall

This type of video wall offers a multitude of applications. It can serve as a hand-over screen when operators change shifts and need to exchange vital information.

It can be applied in crisis rooms or meeting rooms, so that stakeholders can follow-up on activities in the control room without being physically present there.

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