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Control room furniture: the ergonomic highway to increased productivity

Operators’ wellbeing & health

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Yes, the technology inside our Experience Room is ground-breaking and impressive. But one aspect of mission-critical environments that truly supports the health and wellbeing of your operators is the configuration and layout of the workstation.

What’s their level of comfort while controlling that technology, and how good is it for their posture?

Together with our partner Creon, we ensure our Experience Room is fitted with the latest in control room lighting, seating and operator desks, fully adapted to the most progressive health and ergonomic requirements.

The latest generation of control room desks, built-to-suit for operators

Ergonomics needs to be your focal point. This is an operator-friendly approach to assuring the greatest comfort for maximum performance.

Your control room needs to combine this. Think chairs with adaptable heights specific to the operating controller. Sit-stand desks actively promote health and posture. Screens tilted to comfortable angles.

Create the best experience for your operator in exchange for heightened focus and concentration.

Our Experience Room is a living concept. Our goal is to have a fully automatic adaptation function for operators.

Every time a specific operator logs in, the desk will be automatically tailored to their optimal work set-up.

The icing on the cake – even the desk lighting will be adapted to match their comfort and requirements.

Control room desks made to measure for each operator

Equip your control room with furniture specifically designed for mission-critical environments. You will discover the craftsmanship of the models in our Experience Room optimized for physical comfort. They’re also soundproofed.

Creon’s furniture is fully customizable. They have built-in tablets in the desks and will soon integrate speakers and an alarm pole.

Dedicated to your specific mission-critical operations

The two desks at the front are fitted with a soundproof rack that contains the controllers and decoders. They’re fully insulated and equipped with soundproof screens, to allow every operator to work in peace.

If clients require it, there’s the possibility to build multiple rack modules to orderly store all equipment.

On top of that, there’s the possibility to integrate a touchpad in the front desk, which can be used to control the technology in the room.

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