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Human-centric lighting: boosting operators’ performance and wellbeing

Shedding light on the Future of control rooms

How human-centric lighting can make all the difference

Creating the control room of the future requires honing together a multitude of focuses.

It’s crucial to integrate state-of-the-art technology into one user-oriented platform, creating operator-centric control rooms. Tein Technology can help you achieve that.

Operators are the beating heart of operations. Their productivity and health should be a continuous focus when designing the control room environment.

One aspect in how our Experience Room does that is by using human-centric lighting, powered by Waldmann.

Human-centric lighting for control rooms: the science behind it

We, humans, are extremely sensitive to light with different variations telling our bodies how to behave. We have evolved to synchronise our activities with the day-night cycle.

Our bodies go through different phases of wakefulness and sleep every 24 hours. This impacts our entire body, from cardiovascular efficiency to muscle strength, reaction speed, and coordination.

Our biorhythm is strongly influenced by the light outside, and the cycle that light follows throughout the day.

Once indoors, our body needs light that mimics external conditions – both in terms of the amount of light and its cyclical aspect. Morning light is indeed different from noon or evening light.

Biodynamic lighting: how does it work?

Biodynamic lighting – or integrative lighting – respects and supports the human biorhythm.

It provides light similar to natural light, increasing operators’ visual comfort and enabling them to stay in sync with the natural light cycle, improving their overall wellbeing and performance.

This light produces a more real-time environment, boosting productivity and focus, while minimizing a negative impact on sleep patterns, mental health, physical health, and wellbeing. Countless studies have shown the benefits.

Taking care of your operators’ biorhythm will ensure a healthy and satisfied employee, and optimal output while working from the control room.

There’s more to it: lighting as a supportive productivity tool

Through smart lighting, our Experience Room combines health with intelligent productivity processes. Each desk is equipped with notification lights.

When a certain system segment needs attention – automation, video, audio, etc., the associated notification light will adapt automatically. A larger alarm-like light above the desk will turn red, or if the operator is on a call, it will turn orange.

There’s more to it: efficiency in the blink of an eye

When the alarm goes off, the room’s lighting will go into ‘Boost’ mode. This is especially useful for control rooms where the operator is allowed to nap when everything is up and running.

The overhead lighting dims itself until a situation requires tending to. The light goes into ‘Boost’ mode, waking the operator and allowing them to work efficiently in the blink of an eye.

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