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Tein Technology delivers hardware for video surveillance in Balen

Optimizing the video monitoring and security of key sites Tein Technology recently completed a project in Balen, a beautiful municipality in the Kempen region. When the intermunicipal company IOK put out a call for tenders to expand the town’s video surveillance system, Tein Technology threw its hat in the ring and won the contract. Fixed […]

Tein Technology gives complete video surveillance system a makeover

Full upgrade for the Lier police department Tein Technology has been a trusted partner of the Lier police department for years. When the previous tender ended, the city put out a new call for tenders. Once again, Tein Technology won the contract, allowing us to pursue this fruitful partnership for years to come. Upgrading all […]

Tein Technology improves the diamonis updating process for Rijkswaterstaat

The DIAMONIS system of Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands is an AIS system to automatically identify ships, both inland and on the North Sea. These vessels send their signals through a transponder with VHF link, which is received by base stations across the country. Upgrading the entire production environment All of this information is centralized in […]

IPC telephone infrastructure for dealing room of a large bank, another successful Tein Technology project

The MIFID II regulations for the financial industry require that all communications which could lead to a financial transaction be logged, including phone calls. To remain compliant with these regulations, a large Dutch bank decided it was time for a comprehensive upgrade of its current voice management system. This upgrade was part of the entire […]

Chapelle-Lez-Herlaimont : video management system by Tein Technology

Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont video management system by Tein Technology Efficiency in the fight against petty crime Two years ago, Tein Technology was selected to implement an extensive camera network and video management system in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont (Wallonia). After the town decided to step up the fight against petty crime in the municipality, they began the search for a […]

The Flemish seaports: tein technology takes on radio infrastructure and voice communications maintenance

You might remember the news article on the Tein Technology project for the Port of Zeebrugge, to renew and upgrade its entire communication system. Following that assignment, the Flemish Government sought a partner to maintain and manage the radio and voice communications infrastructure of all Flemish seaports, including Zeebrugge,the port of Ghent and the Maritime […]

Asis Europe 2019-Rotterdam : Tein Technology & business partner mauell

From the 27th of March until the 29th of March, Tein Technology will be present at ASIS Europe 2019 together with business partner Mauell, Leading manufacturer of control and data visualization systems. Tein Technology and Mauell will entertain visitors at their joint exhibition space at ASIS 2019 (stand B1B). ASIS Europe 2019 provides an established platform for […]

Tein Technology: more eyes on the field for the Bruges police department

Committed to offering their citizens the highest level of security, the Bruges Police department called on Tein Technology to expand their current video management system in the Golden Triangle, the tourist area that welcomes hundreds of thousands of people every year. To meet client’s expectations, Tein Technology delivered and installed six movable dome cameras and […]

Video management system in zele: Tein Technology expands current camera network

Last year, Tein Technology had the honour of modernizing the entire camera network and video management system of the municipality of Zele, in East Flanders. This complete upgrade involved an extensive overhaul of a dated video management system to a brand-new, sophisticated camera surveillance network with an eye to improving safety on the entire territory. An adapted videowall, a […]