Future-proof technology for the Annie Cordy Tunnel in Brussels

Integrating network, voice communication and public address system

What’s the scope?

In 2016, Brussels Mobility launched a call for partners to implement the technological framework for the new Annie Cordy Tunnel in Brussels – previously known as the Leopold II Tunnel.

The project was granted to the Circul2020 consortium. Tein Technology is proud of its role in this unique project, which sets out to improve the traffic flows in our capital. We took care of the technological integration, ensuring maximum safety for all tunnel users.

Collaboration with Equans Belux

Tein Technology was granted the project as a sub-contractor to Equans Belux. Our job was to configure and implement the integration of the network system, including the voice communication and public address system inside the tunnel.

Tein Technology ensures swift configuration and testing and connection to the central servers. Integrating technology is what we do best, and that really comes to life in this project.

Every technology was seamlessly integrated into the existing network and voice system, which was then connected to their SCADA management software.

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Did you know the existing network and voice communication platform of Brussels Mobility is already under our management? This expansion was a perfect fit for the overarching design.

To flawlessly complete the integration, we conducted countless tests and sound measurements inside the tunnels to ensure the PA system fully matched our client’s needs and expectations.

Which technology was used?

  • For the network, we relied on Hirschmann and Alcatel-Lucent equipment.
  • The voice communication platform was implemented with Gai-tronics and Xivo technology.
  • Commend was the go-to technology partner for the public address system.

Set for delivery in Q4 2021

The project execution began at the end of 2019, with final delivery in sight by the end of this year.

When delivered, our experts will be on-call for maintenance of network, public address and voice systems for the next 25 years.

Icing on the cake

Brussels Mobility decided to combine safety with comfort and esthetics.

Now that the project is coming to a close, they called on visual artist Charlotte Beaudry to create a 2,5-kilometer long piece of art that celebrates the unique and multicultural women of Brussels.

Curious to see how that looks? Check it out right here!

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