Software Analyst

A day in the life

Here’s what it’s like to

Work at Tein Technology

As a Software Analyst at Tein Technology, you’re one-of-a-kind. No, really, we’ve created this new position especially for you!

You’ll be the bridge between clients and our internal experts, translating client requirements and tender documents into concrete designs. Rest assured that you’ll thoroughly enjoy all the perks of working at our company.

Biggest trump cards? Variation in projects and technology, total ownership of your designs, and the opportunity to grow and leave your mark.

Kick-off your day by analysing clients’ specified requirements and tender documents. Next, dive into concept notes and fully comprehend the project expectations.

Then, finetune your analysis and proposals with the client to determine whether every ‘i’ is dotted.

Every day is different, and since you’re working on large projects, you’ll need to touch base with your co-workers regularly.

If necessary, you’ll sit down with third parties and other colleagues to develop a finalised plan. Next up: transferring your insights to the programmers ready to implement the design.

And when they’re up and running, it’s on to the next challenging project for you – which is probably utterly different from the last one!

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