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Video management system in zele: Tein Technology expands current camera network

Last year, Tein Technology had the honour of modernizing the entire camera network and video management system of the municipality of Zele, in East Flanders.

This complete upgrade involved an extensive overhaul of a dated video management system to a brand-new, sophisticated camera surveillance network with an eye to improving safety on the entire territory.

An adapted videowall, a fully upgraded system, tools for video analysis and forensic search, state-of-the-art cameras connected to a main control room through an optic fibre glass network… The entire project was completed to the full satisfaction of the client.

Increasing safety for Zele’s citizens

Today, Tein Technology has expanded the network it put in place last year with 9 new dome cameras and 6 fixed box cameras, strategically placed on high-risk locations throughout the municipality.

By doing so, Zele can now use a video management network with cameras on all relevant sites, increasing the security of its populace effectively. In the years to come, Tein Technology will also assure the maintenance of the entire system.