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Tein Technology: Damme-Knokke-Heist police department’s go-to partner

Camera surveillance system for Damme-Knokke-Heist police department by Tein Technology

The Damme-Knokke-Heist police department has made camera surveillance a core part of its security policy. And with good reason: the seaside region welcomes countless tourists every year, and is fully dedicated to keeping its inhabitants safe.

After installing their fully equipped camera surveillance system some years ago, Tein Technology has had the honour of extending the system with several additional cameras. The police department manages the entire camera network, comprised of a wide range of fixed cameras and dome cameras.

Fully integrated system

The new cameras were installed in multiple locations and integrated into the video management system that had been implemented in the first assignment. We ensured that all video feeds could easily be received, analysed and recorded in the central control room.

When it comes to video surveillance and management systems, Tein Technology is the Damme-Knokke-Heist police department’s go-to partner. Our teams will be further expanding the system in 2019.