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Tein Technology brings the new generation of Microsemi NTP & PTP appliances to Telenet and Orange !

As the Microsemi channel partner for the Benelux area, Tein Technology is pleased to announce that we will be supplying both Telenet and Orange with the renowned manufacturer’s new generation of NTP and PTP devices.

These two innovative internet providers have decided to combine the key benefits of unconditionally reliable technology with the high-end service of an experienced technological solutions partner. Tein Technology, the go-to Microsemi distributor for public institutions and private companies, is proud to be of assistance.

Telenet: integrating the TimeProvider 5000 with an eye to the future

The leading Belgian Internet service provider has acquired two state-of-the-art TP5000 devices for its networks.

The TP5000 is the Microsemi flagship product, a so-called Grandmaster Clock with redundant power supply  for backup safety and two embedded input/output clock cards as a fail-safe. With five days of stand-alone time (in case of Rubidium IOC) in case of a GPS malfunction, the TP5000 is a beacon of reliability for the Telenet network.

Tein Technology will handle its full configuration and installation, providing Telenet with a premium solution for their network.

Orange: an additional TP5000 for reliable performance

Orange is a rising player in Belgium’s Internet provider landscape. The ambitious service provider has expanded considerably and wants to be able to rely on dependable infrastructure. After acquiring the SSU2000, Orange has now invested in a new TP5000 for its networks. Tein Technology will be the one-stop-shop for all its Microsemi needs – from configuration, delivery and installation to repair, support and updates.

This partnership offers the client numerous benefits, namely the certainty that if a unit malfunctions, a new one will be delivered within two working days, and the original unit will be sent straight to our workshop for repair.

With Tein Technology by their side, Orange and Telenet are investing in infrastructure that guarantees full business continuity in the network area, no matter the challenges.