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Meet Bram, one of our valued System Engineers who work relentlessly to deliver flawless technological systems to our clients.

You’ve come across our job opening for this role since Bram is looking for a co-worker to help keep things running smoothly.

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“Here’s the thing,” Bram starts. “We’re focused on maintaining operational systems. But it’s more than just that. Before technology is rolled out in the field, we configure it to ensure it operates flawlessly. That can be done either in the field or in our in-house lab. Then, when it’s up and running at the client’s, we ensure it stays that way 24/7.”

If you think the role is restricted to only resolving issues once they occur, you’re wrong. “Tein Technology boasts a proactive approach to maintenance,” Bram continues. “We analyze how often a problem occurs or if outdated software is the cause of the recurring issue. Then, we try to determine and implement solutions before clients’ operations get affected.”

Let’s take a closer look at what a typical work-day for Bram entails. What does a System Engineer get to do after finishing his morning coffee?

“Well, that varies. Each employee has their own schedule. Personally, I start around 7.00 am and get off around half-past three. The first thing I do, is check if any tickets came in. If so, I start my day with problem-solving, whether solving it myself or escalating it to partners and third-party contractors.”

“Besides that, every day is an exciting mix of internal and external meetings, testing and preparing technological equipment, interventions on-site or from my work desk, drafting documentation…

It’s a challenging and diversified workload; I can tell you that!”

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